Hugo’s Animation Tutorials

On this site, you will find the tutorials for the three animation techniques you need to explore for the completion of your first project: the animation showcase. I encourage you to follow the tutorials in the presented order, as they include some cross references, but it is not a requirement.

Also, for inspiration and to give you a sense of what can be achieved, here are some examples from previous years collected for your review. Go have a look. Note that the techniques and requirements were not necessarily the same in these examples as they are for you.

The animations you will produce through these tutorials can be used as the starting point for the animations in your final presentation, but you need to customize them. Also, remember that you need to create 4 animations. The fourth can use the technique of your choice.

Develop your presentation concept early, and keep it in mind while building your animations. Every deliverable of this project, even if they are different, must converge conceptually.