Resources for web development

Beyond what you are presented in class, you probably know that there are myriad other tools available to write code. Here are a few recommendations. The software packages below are all free or have a usable free version. Use the ones that work best for you.

Text Editors

To write code, you need a text editor (or an IDE, see next section). It does not matter which editor you use. There are thousands. Try a couple of them, and use the one you prefer. Here are a few.

Visual Studio Code (you know this one, a Microsoft product)

Sublime Text (you may know this one too)

Brackets (developped by Adobe)
Phoenix (an online version of Brackets)

Notepad++ (Windows only, very simple oldschool interface)

VIM (an old editor, extremely powerful, but difficult to use, only for nerds)

BBEdit (macOS only, my favourite everyday editor, not free but has a free version)

Light Table (a new one, I know nothing about it)

There are many others…

Integrated Development Environments

If you are looking for a little more features, you can explore software packages called Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Most of these cost money for a licence. But these are free.

PHPStorm (very good product, I use it to build apps for class, free for students)

Fleet (another very good product from the people who make PHPStorm)

Eclipse (common Java IDE, but also has JavaScript capablilities)

NetBeans (old Open Source IDE)

There are others… But be careful, many IDEs are not equipped to deal with web development. Instead, they are designed for specific languages like Java (not JavaScript), or Python, or C++. IDEs are more specialized programs than text editors.

SFTP Clients

You may not need one of these if you setup your editor to handle SFTP on its own, using a plugin or otherwise. But keep in mind that you should use an SFTP client to upload or download multiple files at the same time.

FileZilla (Make sure you download the CLIENT, not the server!)

WinSCP (Windows only)

Cyberduck (another option, I use this one)

There are others, of course…